Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Pure Longhorns for Sale

*These cattle are all sold!* We hate to do it, but our herd has outgrown the ranch, and we are having to sell some cattle. Here are some I have available. These first three pictures are of "Bonita". Bonita is a young cow (3 y.o.). Her first calf, Manolete the grullo bull, was born in 2009. Her newest calf, a heifer named "Bella", is to be sold with Bonita:

These next two pics are of "Bella", Bonita's heifer calf. She is a good looking and strong little heifer:

I am asking $1200 for the pair, and that is not a delivered price, that is picked up at our ranch in Santa Anna, Texas.

Email me at: mbunker@michaelbunker.com for details or to purchase these beautiful pure Longhorns.

I'll likely post more cattle for sale soon.

*These cattle are all sold!*

Michael Bunker

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodbye Chico!

5/30/10 - The Lord's Day - Morning. Greetings y'all. Well, we found on Friday that Chico had passed all of his tests for travel to his new home in Virginia. On the Sabbath day, our Longhorn friend Frank came by with his trailer and picked up Chico to begin his journey. He will be at a ranch in Dublin, Texas for a week and then he will be heading to Virginia to become the herd sire to a herd of CTLR cattle up there. I have to tell you there were some misty eyes around here as we said goodbye to Chico. He was a favorite of ours, and he will be missed; though we are looking forward to seeing pictures of him at his new home. Godspeed Chico!

We're still waiting on a few more calves to be born. Luciana looks like she is very close, and Bonita looks like she should be within a week or so of calving.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bulls for Sale

I currently have two beautiful pure Longhorn bulls for sale:

The first is Manolete. Manolete - Manolete is a VERY unique bull. He is just about a year old, out of CTLR registerable cow Bonita and his sire has just recently been chosen to be the herd sire of the State of Texas herd (Trullo). He is a true Grullo bull, which is very rare. He is full gray and white, like his sire Trullo. He is also very gentle.

The second bull is Chico. Chico - Chico is a pure Longhorn about 3 years old. He is a gorgeous bull, mostly white and black, with very good horns. He is out of Holgazan (a registered CTLR cow) and Quitachon, a bull owned by CTLR member Sonny Detmer.

**Update 5/19/10*** Chico has been sold, and is going to become a herd sire in Virginia!

Contact Michael:
editor (at) lazarusunbound (dot) com

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pure Texas Longhorn Video

A must see video presentation about Pure Texas Longhorn cattle, and the absolute necessity of preserving them:


The CTLC is a very valuable organization, as is the CTLR. It is important for people to understand the difference between Pure Texas Longhorn cattle, which are endangered, and are very valuable for their natural characteristics; and the mongrel, mixed Longhorns being pushed by most "longhorn" registries and sellers. Those mongrels are perfectly fine cattle, but they do not have all the traits and characteristics desired in pure Longhorn cattle. This is especially important for the homesteader, whose life and livelihood could very well depend on these critical traits inherent in pure Longhorns.

New Longhorns!

5/12/10 - 4th Day - Afternoon. Greetings y'all. Well, it's been quite exciting around here. Our cattle are starting to drop calves, and our herd is increasing! Yesterday, my cow Lucia gave us a new heifer calf which we have named Conchita. I have still not seen Conchita yet, because Lucia has hidden her pretty well, but Mr. Sifford saw her and told me about her.
This morning, while we were trying to separate 3 young bulls that got in with the herd, I came upon Cholula, a young cow who, up until this morning, was a heifer (she had never dropped a calf). Well, lo and behold, there was a youngster next to her. May I present to you my new bull calf Joselito:

Cholula is owned by our friend and brother Stewart Stonger. Stewart bought Cholula last year under a absentee ownership program I offered. I get the first calf, and then Stewart gets the next one.
This next pic is of Luciana, who is a heifer out of Lucia (who, as you just read, dropped her calf yesterday). Luciana is very pregnant, it seems, and we hope (Lord willing) to see her with a calf very soon.

So today I have been busy running around with the cattle, counting cattle, figuring birthdates, etc. on cattle. Here is where I stand on cattle right now (not counting any more expected births):
Lucia - Our best heifer producer. Born circa 2005, she has provided me directly with 4 pure Longhorn heifers! Way to go Lucia!
Bonita - Bonita was a young heifer out of Lucia (don't know the age) before we got her. She has had one calf, Manolete the grullo bull, in 2009.
Cholula - Lucia's second heifer calf. 5/24/2007. Cholula belongs to Stewart Stonger.
Luciana - (see picture above) Lucia's third heifer calf out of Trullo (a beautiful grullo bull who is now the Texas State Herd Sire). Fall (October) 2010. (Grullo means "gray" when referring to Longhorn cattle).
Conchita - Lucia's fourth heifer calf out of the great bull Toreo. Born 5/11/2010
Pure Longhorn Bulls
Chico - out of Holga and Quitachon Summer 2007
Manolete - out of Bonita and Trullo 7/27/2009
Joselito - out of Cholula and Toreo 5/12/2010

I also have these non-pure or non-pure Longhorn cattle:
Pita - 1/4 Watusi, Summer 2007
Petra - 1/8 Watusi, Summer 2009
Buelah - Holstein heifer, due to calf sometime soon?!?
Kate - Jersey cow, due to calf in the next 30 days.
Captain - young Jersey Bull
So that is the run-down of the census of my cattle enterprise.
I am going to be selling some of these (primarily bulls and non-Longhorns) if anyone is interested. Also, David and I are looking for some lease land to which we would like to move a portion of our herd (which has grown to large for our ranch). If you know anyone who has some land for lease, or who would like to work with me to get into the Longhorn business very cheaply, let me know.
Your servant in Christ Jesus,
Michael Bunker (editor (at) lazarusunbound (dot) com)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beautiful Bull Calf

This morning we had this beautiful little grullo (gray) pure Longhorn calf born to Bonita. It was Bonita's first calf. The sire was Trullo, a grullo bull who just recently was chosen to be the herd sire for the State of Texas herd at San Angelo, Texas. This coloration is very rare in Longhorns so we are very pleased with this little bull.

We thank the Lord for His providence and for the great blessing in providing this bull.

Michael Bunker

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Good Longhorn Sites

Here are some good Pure Longhorn websites for you to go check out:

CTLR.org - Of Course, THE registry for Pure Texas Longhorn Cattle. Lots of information and history.

Texas Longhorns: Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge - The sell some cattle every year too. If you joint the CTLR and get on their mailing list, you'll get alerts as to when the WR sales are.

DWD Longhorns - The smartest folks in the room when it comes to Pure Texas Longhorns. Some great information on Longhorns, and they would probably sell you some cattle too.

Jim McEachern's Triple M Ranch
- Pure Longhorn Ranch near Midlothian, Texas

Santa Rita Ranch - I like this site because they have Pure Longhorns and a Handgun training class too.... two of my favorite things in one easy place.

Of course, right here I will try to update you on information about Pure Texas Longhorns, and you will even find some cattle for sale every once in awhile...

Stay tuned, because I still hope to have an article about my day in Inspection Class, and I might be offering another Longhorn for sale as well.

Michael Bunker

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BBQ Article

Here is a good article that appeared on a Bar-B-Q site called bbqcrashcourse.com:


It has some good and interesting comments in it. I still, after reading it, am amazed when I hear people claim that "there is no such thing as a pure longhorn", or "nobody can say what traits are longhorn traits", and worse, these comments are coming from Longhorn registries! Frankly, if I were new to Longhorns and I was interested in starting a Longhorn herd, I would stay away from a registry that claimed that "you can't know what a true longhorn is", or one that obviously and openly registers cattle that are mixed bloods with evident traits of other cattle. For example, many of the "registered" longhorns you see as you drive through Central Texas have obvious Watusi or other African cattle blood, but there are Longhorn registries that have no problem registering these animals as Longhorns.

That takes me a long way from the discussion about BBQ, but if one of the traits of a true and pure Longhorn is the superior quality of the beef (and it is), then keeping the Longhorns pure ought to be of great importance to those of us who want good Longhorns and good beef.

Michael Bunker